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Who is Tim???

Tim Davis was born and raised in Nebraska.  Brandon and Tim have lived in Omaha for nearly 6 years.  He recently ran for public office during the 2020 election.  During that time he has started Nebraska's first chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans and hosted Nebraska's first #WalkAway rally with found and Nebraska native, Brandon Straka.

Currently, Tim is the point of contact for the Nebraska's Freedom Rally, hosting an event every Saturday through December in support of a fair and transparent election.  Tim plans to continue into 2021 with the "No More Bullshit" tour showing support for LGBTQ conservatives and those who don't feel like they have a voice or are being properly represented in today's current political climate.  

"It's time we begin to hold our elected officials accountable.  For far to long people in positions of power have been above the law, today the silent majority that has been woken up by President Donald Trump have a voice.  This voice will continue to fight for what is right for all Americans.  It's time for 'No More Bullshit.'" - Tim Davis

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